Twenty years ago, with a desire for a more active lifestyle, I left behind a career in Hollywood and moved to the Vail Valley with only an economics degree and a pair of skis. My first construction job was sweeping out building sites. From this humble beginning, I worked my way up through all phases of home construction and started Dunn Builders (formally known as Trinity Builders).

My prior experience, with all the trades and building in the severe climate of Vail Valley, allows me to spot construction issues that might go undetected or become problematic.

We consider ourselves to be part builder and part concierge. Constant communication is key for the success of a project. My clients have my direct number to contact me at anytime to discuss their needs and concerns. Unlike other general contractors, I am on location everyday, making sure your home exceeds your expectations. The idea of home construction or remodeling can and should be exciting. Therefore during every step of the building process, our clients are informed via, Zoom meetings, e-mail and photo images.

The goal of Dunn Builders is to provide high-quality construction within your budget parameters, by using creativity, trade knowledge, extensive material sourcing, providing A-team labor and working closely with suppliers and designers.